A visual artist, I am often drawn to experimenting with the visual in my choreography: body, gesture, space, and line are often catalysts for my process. I gravitate towards these formal elements early in my process, not because I am interested in product but for what they reveal. What energies vibrate in these places? What is moving, expressive, human, meaningful? What frequencies do I recognize in an unfolding line, a folding joint, a falling body and how does this connect me to another's sentient experience? With these questions, I am committed to exploring the sub-text, the driving energy of the body, mind, spirit that translate through movement as well as the purely brilliant intelligence that is the body’s own.

My project “otherdances” is named with the idea that, “everything dances” and my compositions reflect this connective foundation. My work also includes the intersection of the body in motion with other mediums and technologies. Multi-layered, multimedia dance making is fascinating to me in its potential for communication. I am interested in experimenting with other visual forms which allow me to create new spaces. In particular, as technology leads us into new and exciting spaces, I also recognize the importance of coming back to the fundamental space that is our bodies, and I believe that dance provides us with a specific portal into transformative territory. I recognize dance as an influential medium for change, and I enter into sharing it with a great respect for the body’s intelligence, the power of movement, the human spirit, and the necessity of art. I feel deeply fortunate to be a participant in this field that I believe to be of growing consequence.